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College Life in Boston

College is such an exciting time filled with so many firsts, like the first time you'll be away from your parents or the first time in a new city. Adjusting to a new city can be a challenge, but a challenge that is absolutely worth it. If you're planning on spending your next four years in Boston, these years will be filled with a lot of history, beautiful weather, and baseball. Here's a quick glance at what college life in Boston can look like. 


Sports, Sports, and more sports

Sports fanatics are a dime a dozen in Boston, so you're in luck if you love organized sports. Boston is home to the Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, New England Patriots, and the Boston Bruins. From baseball to hockey, when you live in Boston you can catch a lot of sports games. As a college student, your budget may not allow for you to physically be at any of these games, but the city is filled with restaurants or bars where people can get together to watch sports. 


Outdoor activities

There is so many outdoor activities college students have the privilege of taking advantage of when you live in Boston. From beaches, lakes or gardens, living in Boston allows you to get in touch with nature. Boston is just a short car ride away from some beautiful beaches, like Revere Beach, that you can visit during Spring Break or the summer months. See the gorgeous Fall leaves from September to November or the ombre tulips anytime of year at Boston's Public Garden. If you like to more physical outdoor activities then you'll love kayaking on the Charles River—there really is something for everyone!


Historic Sites

Because Massachusetts was one of America's 13 colonies, Boston is one of the most historically rich cities in America. These historic sites are a must-see for history buffs and non history buffs alike. The Freedom Trail is 2.5 mile trail winding through Downtown Boston that takes you through 16 historically significant locations. Some other great historic sites to see are the Paul Revere house and the Bunker Hill Monument. Going to college in Boston gives you the opportunity to learn a lot about America's rich history. 

Boston is waiting for you!


Get the most authentic Boston experience by living off-campus and skip the cramped, over-priced dorm room. College life in Boston is a hundred times more fun when you don't have to worry about sharing a room, not getting along with your roommate, and the dreaded dorm bathrooms. Find the perfect place to live in Boston with the help of StudentRoomStay. Our 24/7 online marketplace shows you hundreds of available rooms and apartments perfect for college students living in Boston. Search through expansive housing options in the city, personalized home matching tailored to your needs, and included application services are all available.

Studying Abroad In Boston

Boston is a city filled with so much American history, which is why it's one of the best cities to study abroad in. There's probably no better way to learn about American culture than by living in a city where so many important American events took place. On top of that, Boston is a city that's filled with so many fun things to from going to some of the most beautiful parks to shopping on Newbury Street. The benefits of studying abroad in Boston are undeniable: you'll gain a broader worldview, learn a new culture, and go through a unique experience that few people are lucky enough to have.


When you study abroad in Boston you will:

- Become more familiar with American history

- Grow in your language skills

- Meet new people

- Be able to teach Americans about your own culture

- Become more independent

- Attract future employers


If this is the kind of adventure you've been craving and learning more about American culture appeals to you then sign up for homestay in Boston today! We have a homestay service for international students that are looking to study abroad in Boston. Our service allows international students to select from a variety of homestay options, ensuring that your host family is the best fit for you. Sign up for homestay today and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

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Hosting International Students in Boston

Boston locals understand why the city is such a great place to live. Historically rich, abundant with color-changing leaves in the fall, and home to the New England Patriots, it's easy to see why people choose to live here. One of the best ways to share your favorite things about Boston is by inviting an exchange student into your home. This allows the host family and the international student to exchange stories and experiences from the places they each call home! There are so many reasons to host an international student in Boston. Being a host family is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that allows your family to gain a new friend, share your culture, and learn about someone's else's culture-- all while earning a generous monthly stipend. 


We make sure that each exchange student is placed in the perfect home, so that way both parties get the most out of the experience. It's important for us to make the process of becoming a host family as painless as possible, with the application process taking less than 15 minutes to complete! Sign up to become a host family with us this Fall and begin the rewarding job of showing an international student around Boston. 


We provide all of our families with 24/7 support, monthly visits to ensure everything is running smoothly, and a monthly stipend. Our staff is available around the clock to answer any questions or concerns because our top priority is making this experience amazing for everyone involved. 

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Renting to College students in Boston

Boston is home to hundreds of colleges and universities, the most reputable ones being Harvard, Boston College, and Boston University. Every summer and fall new students are moving into the city, all looking for a place to live, which puts property owners looking for tenants at an advantage. Renting to college students in Boston is a great way to make extra income, meet new people and feel young again.


This usually has low startup costs since college students don't tend to be too picky about amenities—the most important thing is having an affordable, safe place to stay. College dorms tend to be more expensive for very little amenities, so renting out an apartment is a win-win for all parties involved. The renter can provide help to someone in need while gaining extra income, and the college student can save hundreds. If you've been thinking about renting to college students in Boston, start today!


Not sure how to start? We make listing a property super simple and get right to your ideal tenant: college students. Our website allows you to publicly list each room, list any amenities or services, and provide dates of availability. 


We can guide you through every step of the listing process, which allows you to attract college renters in Boston within minutes. Once the listing has been created, the system allows you to accept a booking, payments, and more.