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College Life in Miami

Miami student life is unlike any other! While most college students may spend Spring Break here, as a Miami student, you can enjoy everything the city has to offer year round. Beautiful weather, crystal clear beaches, and filled with diversity, going to college in Miami would be anybody's dream. Miami has so much to see and do, and and there's no better way to experience it than as a student. 



Wynwood is one of Miami's most famous districts, and is therefore a must-see. Here, old warehouses have been revamped and turned into breweries or art galleries. Wynwood is a place where street art is every where, which is also why it's most famous for the outside museum "Wynwood Walls." Wynwood Walls showcases colorful murals by renowned street artists. Snap an Insta-worthy picture in front of one of the murals, or just enjoy the vibrancy of the neighborhood. Wynwood is also home to many clothing boutiques, bars, and restaurants—a true millennial & Gen-Z playground!


South Beach

The South Beach neighborhood in Miami has so much to do besides the obvious. While relaxing on the beach is a huge Miami attraction, South Beach is known for so much more than that. The Art Deco strip is filled with so much history and colorful architecture. Explore this historic area of south beach by taking a group or self-guided tour that takes you through the must-see places to shop, eat, and play.


Little Havana

Cuban influences can be seen and felt throughout the city of Miami, but Little Havana is the center for all things Cuban. Here, there are authentic Cuban restaurants, art galleries filled with work by Latin American artists, and cigar bars. One of the best restaurants is Versailles on Calle Ocho, famous for its delicious Cuban sandwiches. After dinner, stop for some dessert at Azucar—the Celia Cruz themed ice cream shop known for its unique ice cream flavors. 

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Miami student life is unlike any other, and there's no better way to experience your new found freedom than by living off-campus in an apartment or room of your own! Living in the college dorms is often times more pricey for less amenities, so it's no wonder that more and more students are opting out of dorm life. We pride ourselves in helping Miami college students find the perfect place to call home for the next four years. We make apartment hunting easy by providing thousands of listings on our 24/7 online marketplace. Search through expansive housing options, take advantage of personalized home matching, and more all on our online marketplace.

Study Abroad
International Students

Studying Abroad In miami

What's not to love about Miami student life? It's filled with beautiful beaches, art galleries, world-renowned restaurants, and is home to a couple of celebrities. On top of all of that, Miami is a huge melting pot of diverse people from different cultural backgrounds making it a great city to study abroad in. When you study abroad in a diverse city like Miami, you not only learn American culture, but you can learn about a multitude of other cultures as well. Studying abroad in Miami is a unique experience that will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime.


When you study abroad in Miami you:

- Will gain stronger language skills

- Meet lifelong friends

- Will experience a new culture first hand

- Will be able to teach others about your own culture

- Will be able to enjoy everything Miami has to offer


If this sounds like the adventure for you, then sign up for homestay in Miami! We help international students interested in studying abroad find the perfect host family for them. Our homestay service allows international students to select from a variety of homestay options, making sure that the host family is a good personal fit.

Hosting International Students in miami

There is nothing quite like living in Miami. With all of the beautiful palm trees, salty air, and turquoise beaches, it's no wonder why so many people have the joy of calling Miami home. Share this joy with an international student studying abroad by choosing to become a host family in Miami and showing them your family's favorite hot spots. When your family hosts an international student, a cultural exchange begins to happen where the international student teaches your family about their culture and your family can teach them about American culture—a great thing for both parties involved! Hosting an international student in Miami allows your family to meet a new friend, broaden their worldview, and take advantage of a generous monthly stipend. 


We make the process of becoming a host family as painless as possible, so that your family can focus on enjoying your international student's company. To make sure both parties get the most out of the experience, we make it a priority to match your family with the perfect international student. Take 15 minutes and apply to become a host family with us this Fall and begin the rewarding job of showing your international student what Miami has to offer.


We offer 24/7 family support because we want to make sure our host families feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Our staff is available any time of day or night to answer all questions or concerns. From the day you pick up your international student at the airport to the day your family says goodbye to your international student, we will be there offering our support.

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Renting to College Students

Renting to College students in miami

If you own property in Miami and are looking to make extra monthly income, renting to college students may be right for you. Every summer and fall, swarms of students are moving to Miami to go to prestigious schools like University of Miami, Florida International University, and the many other Miami colleges and universities. As soon as these students which Miami school to attend, they start to look for living arrangements-- putting Miami tenants at an advantage. Renting to college students in Miami is a great way to earn extra income and requires very little startup costs.


Dorms tend to be more expensive than renting an apartment, so many college students prefer it over living at school. All they really want is a safe place to stay that's also affordable, making your job as a tenant really easy. Renting to college students eliminates the stress of having an empty unit, since there are always students looking for places to live. 


We can help you start renting to college students by simplifying the process of listing the rental property. Our website allows you to publicly list each room, list any amenities or services, and dates of availability.


Once you've finished the process of listing the room for rent, our website guides you through accepting a booking, accepting payments, and more. If you're ready to start earning passive income by renting to college students in Miami, click the button below to learn more: