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College Life in New York City

New York City has some of the most highly regarded colleges and universities in the country—like New York University and Columbia University. The first-rate education mixed with all there is to do in the city makes college life in New York some of the best four years of your life. Of course there are the must-see tourist attractions like The Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and Empire State Building, but there are plenty of other underrated activities that make being an NYC college student well worth it.


Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, known locally as "The Met", is the largest art museum in the United States. One of the great things about this museum is that it's budget-friendly. Visitors have the option of "paying what they wish" for entry. With about 2 million works, you can easily spend an entire day meandering the halls with friends. End the day with dinner at the 'secret' dining room inside of The Met!


Coffee shop heaven

If you're a huge caffeine addict or simply love studying in cool coffee shops, then college life in NYC is the perfect fit for you! Studying at Starbucks gets old fast; thankfully New York City has a variety of smaller coffee shops scattered around the city. Stumptown Coffee Roasters has tables with USB ports, so you never have to worry about your computer or phone dying on you mid-study session. Bibble & Sip is a coffee shop located near Time Square. Bibble & Sip is unique in that all of their pastries have some asian flair.


Brooklyn Flea Market

The Brooklyn Flea market is a must-see for penny pinching college students. With varying locations and times in Williamsburg, Dumo, Hester, and Chelsea, you don't have to worry about accidentally sleeping through this flea market. There's food, unique vendors, and great views. 


New york city is calling you


If you're ready to explore NYC, finding a place to live is crucial! Starting a new life in a city that is unfamiliar to you can be really scary, but StudentRoomStay makes it easier by helping college students look for the perfect place in New York City. We have a 24/7 online marketplace with thousands of listings scattered across the four boroughs, so you can be sure to start college life in New York City with the perfect place to live. We offer apartment matching which allows you to search through expansive housing options, personalized home matching, and included application services.

Studying Abroad In New York

When people think of America, New York City instantly comes to mind—there's nothing more American than the city that never sleeps! Studying abroad in NYC will give you the opportunity to learn a new culture, broaden your worldview, and make you a more independent person. The saying "if you can make it in New York City, you can make it anywhere" is a cliche for a reason—because it's true! Studying abroad in the big apple may seem intimidating, but the lessons learned will stay with you for a lifetime. 


Benefits of Studying Abroad in New York City:

  1. You can experience different teaching styles, which can help you easily adjust to different management styles as a working adult.
  2. You gain new language and communication skills
  3. Students who have studied abroad are more likely to impress future employers and friends—which doesn't hurt!
  4. Meet new people
  5. Experience a different part of the world
  6. Immerse yourself in a new culture
  7. You get to live in one of the world's top-visited cities


Studying abroad in NYC is more than an impressive stat on your resume, it allows you to make memories that will last a lifetime. Every student that has studied abroad with StudentRoomStay agrees that it helped them become better, more well-rounded young adults in the long run. We can help you start your NYC adventure with our comprehensive homestay service. This service allows international students to select a variety of homestay options in New York City. Having all these options ensures that we match you with the best host family for you! 

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Hosting International Students in New York

When your living in New York City, it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of this fast-pace lifestyle. Choosing to host a student in New York City is a great way to remind yourself that you're lucky to live in such a diverse place that has so many things to do. Share your favorite New York activities with an international student excited to learn everything there is to learn about American culture. In return, you get to learn about someone else's culture, broadening your own worldview. Hosting international students in New York City provides you with the opportunity to meet new people, create lasting friendships, and a generous monthly stipend. 


StudentRoomStay makes becoming a host family to international students easy, making sure we're supportive throughout the whole process. If hosting international students in NYC appeals to you, sign up to become a host family with us this Fall--the application process only takes 15 minutes! After passing the preliminary phase, we ask our prospective host families to partake in a background check and some in-home visits.


The great thing about being a host family with us is we provide all of our families with around-the-clock support, monthly visits to ensure everything is running smoothly, and a monthly stipend. If our host families have any questions or concerns we make sure to have staff available 24/7 to answer questions or ease any concerns.

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Renting to College students in new York

It's easy to see why so many people move to New York City—there's no city quite like it! Since so many people want to live in New York City, rent has increased by almost 40% in the past 20 years. A great way to subsidize living in this expensive city and offer more affordable housing options is by renting to college students. Renting to college students in New York City will allow you to earn extra income and gives you the opportunity to help a young college student. New York City has so many colleges and universities, and with that, many college students looking for more affordable housing options.


New York City college students make great tenants because they are a pretty big population of people, so you'll always find someone to rent to. Another great positive is that college students aren't too picky about apartment amenities, keeping maintenance and renovation costs low. All they really want is a safe place to study and sleep everyday. Renting to college students in New York is a great way to lend a helping hand, meet new people, and gain some passive income. 


Not sure where to start? StudentRoomStay is here to help! We make creating a listing really easy through the use of our user-friendly website. Publicly list each room, list any amenities or services, and dates available, all on our platform. After your create your listing, the system guides you through accepting a booking, accepting payment, and all other steps involved to guarantee the process is stress-free.