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If you're a little bit hipster or passionate about your impact on the environment, college life in Portland is for you! Now famous for its cool food trucks, streets filled with bicyclists, and its all-around oddities, Portland is a great city to live in while you go to college. Check out these not-to-miss features in one of the USA's coolest college towns.


Parks & Gardens

Portland is home to so many parks and gardens, it's hard to decide which ones should be highlighted. There's the Portland International Rose Test Garden, Forest Park, Washington Park, the Portland Japanese garden, and dozens more! If you're someone who loves nature and loves being outdoors, Portland will make you feel right at home. When you go to college in Portland you can visit a new park or garden every week, so you'll always be able to feel one with nature. 


Willamette Valley

Once you've turned 21, you have to experience Willamette Valley. Willamette Valley is a stretch of land filled with hundreds of different wineries, some of them even offering farm-to-table food options along with wine tastings. One of the more popular wineries in Willamette Valley is the Stoller Family Estate. Here, you can catch the beautiful views of the vineyard and participate in one of the best wine tastings the country has to offer. 


Powell's City of Books

You can't properly explore Portland without visiting Powell's City of Books at least one time. Powell's is a new and used bookstore that spans an entire block! It's famous for being the largest bookstore in the world, so imagine all of the different book options there are. If this wasn't reason enough to visit Powell's, it's also home to an on-site coffee shop that sells gourmet coffee. Whether you're a serious bookworm or just a coffee-holic, Powell's will soon capture your heart. 

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Portland has so much to offer college students, which is why college life in Portland can be so much fun. Give yourself the chance to really explore Portland by skipping the overcrowded campus dorms and renting an apartment or room. This is a great way to really enjoy your newfound independence and save a buck or two! We help college students find their dream homes within their budgets through our easy-to-use online marketplace. Our 24/7 marketplace has a list of hundreds of available apartments, so you can feel confident you're picking the right home. Search through expansive housing options, take advantage of personalized home matching, and more!

Studying Abroad In portland

The United States is one of the top countries to study abroad because of the thousands of destinations to choose from. One of the most overlooked U.S. cities to study abroad in is Portland, a city known for its eclectic way of life. The citizens of Portland love a good food truck, would rather bike around than drive, and enjoy taking advantage of the beautiful nature that surrounds them. Studying abroad in Portland allows students to take the adventure of a lifetime all while receiving one of the best educations in the world.


When you study abroad in Portland you will:

- Learn what makes Portland so funky, in the best way!

- Participate in a cultural exchange

- Gain lifelong friends

- Grow in your independence

- Gain new language skills

- Attract future employers and/or institutes of higher education


If getting around on a bike, hiking, and spending time outdoors appeals to you, then studying abroad in Portland will be the best decision you make. Not sure where to start? Out homestay service allows international students to select from a variety of homestay options, making sure that your host family is a right fit for you.

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Hosting International Students in portland

Living in Portland has so many benefits. Just to name a few, the city has all four seasons, it's bike and walk friendly, there are so many outdoor recreational activities, and Portland citizens think outside the box. Keeping these positives in mind, it makes sense that so many people choose to call Portland home. Share the love you have for the city of Portland by opening up your home to an international student this Fall.


Hosting international students allows you family to learn about a new culture while also being able to show someone else all the things you love about Portland. This cultural exchange often leads to lifelong friendships and a broadened worldview—and as if that's not reason enough, we also supply a generous monthly stipend!


Hosting an international student is a rewarding experience that our host families sign up for time and time again. Both parties end the experience with a strong bond and memories they can take with them forever. The initial application process only takes 15 minutes, so the process is virtually painless. Once you've been approved, your family will need to partake in a routine background check to ensure the safety of the international students.


We make it a priority to match our host families with the perfect student, so the experience is positive for everyone involved. We also provide our families with 24/7 support, monthly visits to ensure everything is running smoothly, and a monthly stipend.

Renting to College students in portland


Thanks to its hip vibe and array of universities, Portland is the perfect place to rent to college students. Every summer and fall, swarms of students move to Portland, looking for affordable student housing. This puts Portland property owners at an advantage. Choosing to rent to college students in Portland is a great way to earn extra income and requires very little startup costs.


Dorms tend to be more expensive than renting an apartment, so many college students prefer it over living at school. All they really want is a safe place to stay that's also affordable, making your job as a property owner really easy. Renting to college students eliminates the stress of having an empty unit, since there are always students looking for places to live. 


We can help you start renting to college students by simplifying the process of listing the rental property. Our website allows you to publicly list each room, list any amenities or services, and dates of availability. Once you've finished the process of listing the room for rent, our website guides you through accepting a booking, accepting payments, and more.

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