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College Life in San Francisco

The Bay Area is a great place to be, especially during your four years of college. Naturally beautiful, historically rich, and culturally diverse, San Francisco has everything you need to have a memorable college experience. College life in San Francisco is unlike any other college experience because there is so much to do! From visiting world-famous landmarks to exploring a variety of new cultures, college students are rarely bored in this town. Here's what you can look forward to as a college student in San Francisco.


World-Famous Landmarks

You can't go to college in San Francisco and not see the most iconic landmark there is: the Golden Gate Bridge! This historically rich landmark was built in the 1930s with 746-foot tall towers and undulating cables. Just think of all of the Instagram-worthy pictures you can take in front of the Golden Gate Bridge—that alone is reason enough to choose a college in San Francisco!


Food from Around the world

San Francisco has more places to eat per capita than anywhere else in the United States. With choices as varied and diverse as the people who call SF home, there’s no shortage of international food offerings. From Asian to Latin American cuisine, you'll be able to try delicacies originating from all over the world from the same city you live. Wether you're a big foodie or ready to start trying new dishes, going to college in San Francisco is as good for your stomach as it is for your brain.


A vibrant and diverse city

San Francisco is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world! Going to college in San Francisco allows you to broaden your horizons by learning more about different cultures. A great way to do this is by taking a trip to San Francisco's Chinatown—the largest Chinatown outside of Asia and the oldest Chinatown in North America. 


With its Latin American roots, Mission District is the best place to immerse yourself in Latino culture. This San Francisco neighborhood is your go-to place for Latin American cuisine and culture. Don't miss the chance to have an international experience without leaving the city!


San Francisco is Waiting for you!


San Francisco has so many things to offer young college students, and there's no better way to experience college life in San Francisco than by living off-campus. While the freshman camaraderie of living in dorms sounds appealing, students end up paying more than they would for an off-campus apartment. Dorms cost more while offering fewer amenities than an apartment or room for rent.


StudentRoomStay can help you find the perfect home in San Francisco with the aid of our 24/7 online marketplace. Apartment Matching is also available with expansive San Francisco student housing options, personalized home matching, and included application services.


Studying Abroad In San Francisco

Studying abroad is an adventure worth taking, especially if you want to explore San Francisco. San Francisco is home to a variety of different cultures—a true American melting pot! Living in a melting pot will allow you to not only learn about American culture, but a variety of other cultures as well. This one-in-a-lifetime experience will push you to become more independent, give you lifelong friends, and memories that you'll cherish forever. 


When you study abroad in San Francisco you will:

- See a different part of the world

- Make new friends

- Learn a new culture

- Receive a Californian education, which is consistently ranked among the best in the world

- Learn new language skills

- Develop independence and life experience

- Experience all of the tourist attractions San Francisco has to offer!


Want to study abroad in San Francisco, but not sure where to start? StudentRoomStay is here to help with our comprehensive Homestay service. Our comprehensive Homestay service allows international students to select a variety of homestay options in San Francisco, ensuring that every host family is a perfect fit. We stay in constant communication with our host families throughout the student's stay and provide real-time 24/7 assistance. 


Hosting International Students in San Francisco

There are so many things to love about San Francisco, which makes living in this beautiful city amazing. One of the best ways to remind yourself of everything San Francisco has to offer is by hosting an international student. Becoming a homestay provider in San Francisco allows you to see the city through their eyes. Everything in the city is new and foreign to them, turning the mundane into something exciting! This is a unique experience that enriches the lives of everyone involved. Opening your home to an international student is a great way for your family to gain a new friend, share cultural experiences, and earn some extra monthly income. 


There are so many benefits to becoming a host family with StudentRoomStay, so there's no reason why you should't sign up to become a host family with us this fall! It takes about 15 minutes or less to fill out the initial application. Then, once you have passed the preliminary phase, you will need to partake in a background check and some in-home visits. 


We support our host families every step of the way through around-the-clock support, monthly visits to ensure everything is going well, and a generous monthly stipend. We have staff available 24/7, available to answer any questions or concerns a host family may have. Our host families can be at ease, with the knowledge that StudentRoomStay will be there until the exchange student is on their flight back home.

Host Foreign Exchange Students

Renting to College students in San Francisco

Love living in the San Francisco area? Spread the love you have for your city by renting to college students! Renting to college students in San Francisco is a great way to earn extra income and helps a young student find affordable student housing in one of the most expensive American cities. With so many college students in the Bay Area, there is such high demand for apartments or rooms to rent—putting you in a great financial position.


Students also benefit from this arrangement because living off-campus is almost always less expensive than pricey dorms. Renting to college students in San Francisco allows you to meet new people, lend a helping hand, and even earn passive income. With so many benefits to renting to college students, it's an easy decision. 


Owners can easily create a rental listing through StudentRoomStay. Publicly list each room, any amenities or services, and dates of availability all through our listing portal! Out user-friendly website guides you through every step of the way, like accepting a booking, accepting payments, and all other steps involved to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable experience with StudentRoomStay.