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Study Abroad in the USA

Let us take care of everything homestay and allow you to enjoy the experience of a lifetimestudying in the United Sates! We provide all-embracing homestay packages and services for international students in high school and college. 

Study abroad in the USA with StudentRoomStay and we'll provide you with excellent host family options near your school and unwavering support from our staff: Official Homestay Application.

StudentRoomStay has...

  • Placed over 150k international students
  • School partnerships across the US
  • Agency partnerships across the globe
  • Host families in every major US city
Host Families

Safe and Welcoming Host Families

We use a unique matching system to find the perfect host family for every student and remain closely involved and connected with all parties throughout the entire process, doing everything in our power to facilitate an incredible student experience.

Student safety is our top priority. All families must successfully pass national criminal background checks, interviews, home inspections, orientation and training to be part the StudentRoomStay  homestay program.

We make sure hosts are genuinely interested in welcoming students to the USA and helping their guests become acquainted with the American way of life.


Everything Included in Our Homestay Package

Value for Your Money

Accommodation, internet access, utilities and meals (as booked) are all included.

Dedicated Support

SRS Concierge local managers and devoted staff are available for routine ongoing support.

Student Orientation

Our homestays include pre-departure online orientation, plus local orientation and cultural immersion with your host.

Financial Transparency

Safe and secure processing of all financial transactions for homestay fees and add-on services with a range of payment options.

Insurance Options

Students are able to purchase medical and liability insurance coverage through SRS Concierge for the duration of the school year.

Airport Transfers

Convenient and efficient airport pick-up and drop-off services when you arrive at the beginning of the year and leave at the end.

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Products and Services

Our goal is to make your transition to the United States as smooth and efficient as possible. Check out our products and services below to see how we can best help you begin this adventure of a lifetime.

We provide a personal consultant to offer school options based on the student's preference, budget and qualifications.


1. Our SRS Concierge School Selection Specialists will review your submission to determine which schools are the best fit for you. 

2. We may request additional information from you such as student grade information, school type preferences and preferred locations. 

3. We will schedule an online consultation with you and introduce 5-7 school options along with basic information about the school to you.

The cost of the School Selection Service is $350. You can begin the process by Clicking Here.

If you have already chosen a school, but need assistance with the application, we will provide a personal consultant to assist you in applying to the school(s) of your choice. 

We will handle the:
✔️Application processing
✔️Communication with the school
✔️Document collection and submission

The cost of the School Application Service is $500 per school application (discounts apply for students applying to 3 or more schools). 

You can begin the process by Clicking Here.

Students who purchase the school selection and school application services will be offered a package discount.

School Selection: We will provide a personal consultant to offer school options to you based on the your preference, budget and qualifications.

School Application: A personal consultant will then assist the student in applying to that school. 
We will handle the:
✔️Application processing
✔️Communication with the school
✔️Document collection and submission

Total package price for School Selection and Application Service is $750. You can begin the process by Clicking Here.

We match students and families  based off school location, student profile, student preferences and more. Our team will work hard to find the perfect host family for you.

1. Pay the matching fee. If you have chosen the Standard Homestay package, we will send you a quote for a matching fee ($350) to start the host family matching process.

2. Update your profile. 
Be sure to details about yourself, your flight details, and anything else we need to know to make a great host match for you!

3. Matching begins! Once the matching fee/deposit has been paid, we will start the process of matching you with a safe and welcoming host family near your school. 

4. Host Options - We will send you two host family profile options to consider. Each profile will include pictures and details about the families and their homes, so that you can decide which family you'd like to live with during your stay.

5. Pay your weekly fees - You won't pay for homestay until after you and the family agree to the match.

6. Prepare for arrival at your new American home! 
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